PPC Easy Patch: Highest Performance Patching Material

Polyester Concrete Patching material provides long lasting results, superior bond, two hour traffic return View Projects

High Performance Polyester Concrete Patching material provides high strength, long lasting, superior bond, and two hour traffic return in a variety of conditions and many applications.



High strength, longest lasting patch available. 30 year proven performance history with 8 to 10 times the abrasive resistance of concrete.


PPC Easy Patch is successful in a broad range of climates, even cold temperatures and humid conditions. PPC Easy Patch can also be used in a wide range of applications; concrete patching, expansion joint header material, grade corrections, rut fills and more.

Superior adhesion

Superior performance and bond strength through optional penetrating healer/sealer primer. The primer polymerizes in the cracked concrete substrate to give the patch an integrated bond with the substrate.

Rapid return to service

Rapid 2 hour cure time after placement, even in conditions below 40ºF, gets traffic back on the road quickly.


Density 135 lb/cf
Compressive Strength 7000 psi
Tensile Strength 800 psi
Permeability <100 coulombs
Abrasive Resistance (relative to PCC) 8-10 times
Yield per kit 0.43 cf