PPC 1121: Polyester Polymer Concrete

Polyester concrete overlays provide a 30 year solution, unequaled preservation, two hour traffic return View Projects

Polyester concrete overlays provide 30 year solution, unequaled preservation and a two hour traffic return in a variety of conditions.


Easy to specify

Polyester polymer concrete specifications meet federal aid requirements and often closely follow AASHTO T-34 Guide Specifications for Polymer Bridge Deck Overlays

Variable thickness

PPC 1121 polyester concrete can be placed between 3/4″ to 12″ thick in a single lift. This allows for grade corrections if necessary, as well as a variety of uses from polyester concrete overlays, polyester concrete patching material, to high performance polyester concrete expansion joint headers and more.

Superior adhesion

Using a high molecular weight methacrylate (HMWM) penetrating healer/sealer primer, the polyester concrete material develops an integrated chemical bond to the substrate material.

30 Years of Proven Performance

With millions of square feet of bridge deck polyester concrete overlays placed, PPC 1121 has a successful history dating back to the first overlays placed in 1983.

Rapid return of traffic

Polyester polymer concrete can achieve rapid 2 hour cure after placement, even in cold, humid conditions below 40°F.


Polyester Concrete Physical Properties
Density 135 lb/cf
Compressive Strength 7000 psi
Tensile Strength   800 psi
Chloride Permeability  <100 coulombs
Abrasive Resistance (relative to PCC)  8-10 times