Sunken Panel Repair, I-70 Rifle, CO



While performing a demonstration of Kwik Bond Polymers’ PPC Easy Patch for the Colorado Department of Transportation on a standard concrete patch repair, the maintenance team decided to put the material to a tougher test. Less material was needed than anticipated for the standard repair and with the several remaining kits of KBP PPC Easy Patch, they wanted to restore the grade of a broken and sunken concrete panel without removing any of the existing concrete pavement.


This was an easy repair to perform, but most materials would not last in this application. Maintenance crews typically use cold patch as a temporary fix as most patching materials are too rigid and do not have the bond strength to perform in this situation. Everyone from the DOT viewed this as a temporary fix, a way to use the extra material to restore the area to a safe condition until they had time to replace the slab, but Kwik Bond is accustomed to pushing the limits of PPC Easy Patch with 100% success. This section of I-70 sees approximately 17,000 vehicles per day with over 15% heavy truck traffic and harsh winter weather.

The crews were pleased with the workability of the product. They were more pleased to be opening the lane to traffic in less than two hours. The new riding surface was re-established at the original grade and the broken concrete slab had been protected to avoid further deterioration.

After one full winter season, everyone was pleased that this “temporary” solution had lasted through the winter conditions, traffic and snowplowing. The PPC material has remained bonded to the deteriorated concrete pavement, and shows no signs of wear or cracking. With its superior bond to any surface, variable thickness placement, and wear resistant surface, PPC continues to be a perfect solution to the tough problems with today’s infrastructure.