Background Experience

We aim to meet the needs of both owners and installers by providing easy to install, fast curing products that stand the test of time. Using our 35 years of experience – we recommend the best solution at the appropriate time.

We pride ourselves on project success, which means we only recommend solutions that solve specific problems.

Our goal is long lasting, quality installations and we will not compromise that to simply sell a product. We aim to be your go-to source for bridge repair.


Kwik Bond Polymers has been a part of preserving hundreds of millions of square feet of bridge decks across the country. We specialize in polymers used for bridge deck preservation and although we don’t sell all of the products you may need for your job, we excel at those we do.

By selling direct to the installer, we eliminate the middleman to ensure you get the support you need straight from the source. We work directly with designers to make sure we understand all of the nuances of project that may benefit from our products.

We pride ourselves on success and won’t recommend a solution that doesn’t solve your problem. Long lasting, quality installations are always our goal and we will not compromise that in order to make a sale. 

Two Pillars of Success

The two pillars our business was built on are PPC and HMWM. Both of these products were developed to outperform the existing products on the market by achieving superior adhesion, a rapid return to service, and long term performance. These products have provided a strong foundation that allow us to constantly refine and develop products and examine what recurring problems exist that we can solve.

Polyester Polymer Concrete

Kwik Bond Polymers is the only supplier of Polyester Polymer Concrete that has not only been involved since the inception of the use of the material in 1983, we are the only supplier that has been consistently and successfully supplying it for the last 37 years.

The first full scale PPC overlays were installed in Northern California in 1983. Though they were replaced in 2019 due to a widening project, the last existing inspection reports noted no deficiencies of the overlay. Although that installation remains the first and oldest installation, it is proving to be the typical performance.

High Molecular Weight Methacrylate

HMWM is the best bang for your buck treatment you can give your bridges. Concrete cracks, and by permanently filling cracks you eliminate the direct pathway they provide into the reinforcing.

By treating cracks early and preventing moisture intrusion, much of the corrosion a bridge experiences can be stopped. HMWM is easy to apply and inexpensive for the protection it provides.

Featured Projects

Different sizes, different scopes, and creative solutions – we bring success to our projects. If you hear good things about PPC, Kwik Bond was most likely behind it. Please view the project details offered here, and see a brief snapshot of the history of Polyester Polymer Concrete and our other products, created by Kwik Bond Polymers.