HCSC: Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete

Kwik Bond Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete (HCSC) is a polymer-based basalt fiber reinforced structural concrete offering optimized mechanical effectiveness, compatibility with adjacent materials, and complete elimination of degradation.

HCSC: Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete

HCSC is specifically formulated to meet the needs of unique and demanding field-cast concrete applications in bridge construction with an emphasis on bridge deck elements like precast closure pours, large full depth bridge deck patching, adjacent box beam closures, full depth bridge deck joints, composite deck stiffening overlays, orthotropic steel deck bonded wearing surfaces and more.

HCSC consists of composite, natural, and industrial components with properties optimized for mechanical effectiveness, compatibility with adjacent materials, ease of installation and rapid strength development in a wide range of conditions, and complete elimination of degradation in natural service environments.


Easy Installation

HCSC offers simple mixing through a variety of common methods.


Highest wear resistance of any field cast structural material.

Composite Action

Permanent root system and adjacent material strengthening through HMWM primer saturation.

Rapid Cure

Sufficiently stiff just four hours after placement in all allowable temperatures.

Crack Free

Flexibility and true high tensile strength to avoid the need for cracking to achieve flexibility.


No degradation mechanism in natural environments, zero permeability to moisture and chloride.

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HCSC Physical Properties

Compressive Strength  > 8,000 psi
Tensile Strength   > 1,500 psi
Flexural Strength  > 2,000 psi
Modulus of Elasticity   ~ 2,500 ksi
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  < 11 x 10-6 in/in/°F


HCSC: Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete

Compared to PPC-1121 Polyester Polymer Concrete HCSC has significantly increased structural stiffening capabilities including 2x Tensile Strength, 2x Stiffness, ½ Shrinkage, >5x Abrasion Resistance, higher Creep Resistance and 6 db steel reinforcement development length required for demanding structural loading applications. HCSC still offers all of the benefits of standard PPC including fast traffic return in all temperatures, impermeable, easy to install and more.

Compared to High Strength Epoxy Grouts HCSC is field-catalyzed for <4 hrs traffic return at 30-100 F placement temperatures, has a lower CTE similar to concrete, creates composite action transition zones at the bond line using a High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) saturating primer, is more UV stable and hydrolytically stable.

Compared to Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) HCSC is more flexible in the linear elastic zone, has 0 coulombs permeability to moisture and chlorides, ½ the setting shrinkage strain, equals in abrasion resistance and provides structural composite behavior in <4 hours at 30-100 F placement temperatures. HCSC suits existing UHPC dimensional and rebar details but does not require top forming, diamond grinding, post-curing or temperature conditioning. HCSC can be overlaid with PPC-1121 more rapidly and accommodates differential deflections during placement to develop early rebar engagement strength.