KBP 204 P Seal: High Molecular Weight Methacrylate Healer Sealer

Kwik Bond Polymers High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM), KBP 204 P Seal, is the most effective concrete sealer available. 

KBP 204 P Seal: High Molecular Weight Methacrylate Healer Sealer

Concrete cracks, and by permanently filling the cracks with HMWM you eliminate the direct pathway they provide into the reinforcing. By treating cracks early and preventing moisture intrusion, much of the corrosion a typical bridge experiences can be stopped.

KBP 204 P Seal saturates well into the surface of concrete and fills cracks of all sizes, then it reacts and turns to hard plastic sealing out moisture and chlorides completely. 

Simple to specify, easy to install, 100% effective, KBP 204 P Seal high molecular weight methacrylate is the best solution to the most common issues plaguing bridge decks today. 

P Seal is not a coating which will become ineffective after wearing through, or an invisible application of repellency, but an integral change to the density and permeability of the concrete that can be seen and proven. KBP P Seal HMWM contains no solvents, a common additive in the sealer market to achieve a lower viscosity – but which evaporate instead of reacting effectively. The material is also UV stable and will avoid degradation in natural environments.

KBP 204 P Seal offers permanent crack filling and long-lasting surface sealing to maximize protection to concrete surfaces – the best bang for your buck treatment you can give your bridges.



Easy to specify, easy to apply


Successful in a broad range of climates, even in installation conditions down to 40°F.


High flashpoint means low flammability concerns.


With rapid 2 hour cure, even in cold conditions, traffic can be back on the road quickly.


Low viscosity of the material as well as low surface tension allow the maximum penetration of the HMWM into the cracks and pores of the concrete.


The best value available for bridge preservation.

Physical Properties

Percentage reactivity 100%
Flash Point (Setaflash) ASTM D3278** >180 degrees F
Adhesion (Saturated Surface Dry Bond test, Cal-Trans 551) > 500 psi
Viscosity <25 cps
ASTM D-695 Compressive Strength-RT Cure (24 Hours) >3000 psi
ASTM D-638 Tensile Strength (7 days)*** >2000 psi