PPC 1121: Polyester Polymer Concrete

Kwik Bond polyester concrete overlays provide a 30 year solution, unequaled preservation and a two hour traffic return in a variety of conditions.

PPC 1121: Polyester Polymer Concrete

Kwik Bond polyester concrete overlays provide a 30 year solution, unequaled preservation and a two hour traffic return in a variety of conditions.

Kwik Bond Polymers takes the PPC system to another level with our KBP PPC 1121 — an engineered composite system created to excel in extreme conditions (during construction and in place), offer exceptional wear resistance, and provide the perfect balance between strength and flexibility for the life of the overlay.


Easy to Specify

Polyester polymer concrete specifications meet federal aid requirements and often closely follow AASHTO T-34 Guide Specifications for Polymer Bridge Deck Overlays.

30+ Years of Proven Performance

With millions of square feet of Kwik Bond polyester concrete overlays placed, PPC 1121 has a successful history dating back to the first overlays placed in 1983.

Variable Thickness

Can be placed between 3/4” to 12” thick in a single lift. This allows for grade corrections if necessary, as well as a variety of uses from polyester concrete overlays, polyester concrete patching material, to high performance polyester concrete expansion joint headers and more.

Rapid Return of Traffic

Polyester polymer concrete can achieve rapid 2 hour cure after placement, even in cold, humid conditions below 40°F.

Superior Adhesion

Using a high molecular weight methacrylate (HMWM) penetrating healer/sealer primer, the Kwik Bond polyester concrete material develops an integrated chemical bond to the substrate material. Well beyond initial surface adhesion that other polymers offer, PPC 1121 features a careful balance of overlay properties, transition zone strengthening, and proprietary chemical compatibilities to remain permanently composite with the substrate concrete.


We offer PPC in small packaging. Easy to use, prepackaged, premeasured kits – PPC Easy Patch. All of the benefits of PPC 1121 in a 5 gallon kit for your small installations.

Completely seals out moisture and chlorine intrusion

Permanently adheres to the bridge deck

essentially stopping time, permanently preserving the bridge deck


PPC 1121, our flagship product, has been used extensively across the country for decades. We’ve put together a digital portfolio of example projects. Follow the link below to view the portfolio, and reach out to any of our experts for further information.

Physical Properties

Density 135lb/cf
Compressive Strength  7000 psi
Tensile Strength 800 psi
Chloride Permeability <100 coulombs
Abrasive Resistance
(relative to PCC)
2-4 times


PPC 1121: Polyester Polymer Concrete

Impermeable. By using plastic as a binder, PPC 1121 has negligible permeability keeping moisture and chlorides from penetrating into the bridge deck.
Resistant to Cracking. Equally important to permeability is the overlay’s ability to resist cracking. When overlay materials offer low permeability, they often crack, giving moisture and chlorides a clear path to causing corrosion and freeze-thaw stresses at the bond line. KBP PPC 1121 has a low modulus of elasticity and high tensile strength which allows the material to resist cracking under the stresses of heavy traffic and normal bridge deck movements.

Superior Bond Strength. The HMWM healer/sealer primer bleeds into concrete cracks and pores and hardens into a plastic that reacts with the resin in the polyester polymer concrete overlay to give the system an integrated chemical bond to the substrate. The primer gives the PPC 1121 overlay roots into the substrate that will not allow it to delaminate without yielding well below the original bond line.
Similar Material Properties. Due to a similar coefficient of thermal expansion, the PPC 1121 polyester concrete overlay is able to reduce shear stresses at the bond interface which often lead to delamination of other overlay materials.
Long-Term Wear Resistance. Through the use of strong aggregates and resilient resin, PPC 1121 is more wear-resistant than high-performance concrete. The final surface exhibits skid resistance unequal in the industry–finding equilibrium in the mid to upper 40s, where it will remain for the life of the overlay.

PPC 1121 is the highest quality, most effective overlay system available with a performance history to prove its excellence. At KBP, we don’t just sell material; we continually add value that owners have come to expect by leveraging our 35 years of experience. From the formulation of our system to the logistics of transporting materials to the project on time, helping designers understand nuances that may affect a specific project to aiding the installers onsite – Kwik Bond Polymers has the experience to steer a project to success. From development of early PPC systems to the multi-faceted support of thousands of successful projects in the past 35 years – KBP has the history, expertise and desire for excellence needed to continue to provide the best overlay system available.