TPO AD – Thin Polymer Overlay Advanced

TPO AD is an alternative to conventional thin polymer multi-layer bridge deck overlay systems that combines the performance of Kwik Bond’s legendary preservation and safety systems to advance the functionality within the thin polymer overlay class.

TPO AD – Thin Polymer Overlay Advanced
A High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) first layer saturates the substrate concrete permanently repairing cracks and restores flexural continuity within the bridge deck while promoting adhesion of the composite TPO AD system. The hybrid polyester copolymer binder resin second layer further protects the bridge deck and secures a durable, high friction calcined-bauxite broadcast aggregate.


Quick Traffic Return

2-hour traffic return at all temperatures from 40 to 100° F

One System Solution

Healer/sealer, polymer overlay and high friction surface treatment synthesized into one system

Improved System

Eliminates pin-holing, reduces chloride penetration, improves thermal compatibility and increases friction compared to conventional thin polymer overlay systems

Direct Substitute Overlay

TPO AD is specified alongside conventional multi-layer polymer bridge deck overlay systems as a direct substitute

Physical Properties