HCSC (Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete) — Our Most Resilient Polymer Concrete
By Kwik Bond Polymers

In the realm of bridge construction, where durability, strength, and efficiency are paramount, innovation is the cornerstone of progress. Enter HCSC (Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete) by Kwik Bond Polymers—the highest wear-resistant polymer concrete materials. Designed to meet the unique demands of bridge construction, HCSC offers unparalleled performance and versatility across a range of applications, from precast closure pours to composite deck stiffening overlays and beyond.

What sets HCSC apart is its meticulously engineered composition, featuring a hybrid co-polymer resin binder and graded silica-quartz aggregates. This carefully curated blend results in a material optimized for mechanical effectiveness, compatibility with adjacent materials, ease of installation, and rapid strength development – all while ensuring complete resistance to degradation in natural service environments.

Compared to traditional materials like PPC-1121 Polyester Polymer Concrete, HCSC boasts significantly enhanced structural stiffening capabilities. With higher tensile strength, stiffness, abrasion resistance, and better steel reinforcement development properties, HCSC sets a new standard for demanding structural loading applications.

In comparison to high-strength epoxy grouts, HCSC offers unparalleled convenience. Field-catalyzed for rapid traffic return in as little as four hours, HCSC eliminates the need for prolonged downtime. Its lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) ensures compatibility with concrete, while the incorporation of a High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) saturating primer facilitates composite action transition zones at the bond line, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh environmental conditions.

Even when stacked against Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC), HCSC shines. Offering greater flexibility in the linear elastic zone, zero coulombs permeability to moisture and chlorides, and equal abrasion resistance, HCSC delivers structural composite behavior in record time. Its compatibility with existing UHPC dimensional and rebar details further streamlines the construction process, eliminating the need for top forming, diamond grinding, post-curing, or temperature conditioning.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of HCSC is its versatility and ease of installation. Utilizing existing surface preparation, installation, and equipment specifications for PPC-1121, HCSC seamlessly integrates into existing construction practices. Volumetric Mobile Truck Mixers designed for PPC-1121 require no modifications for HCSC placement, enabling production rates of up to 20 CY/HR/Truck.

In conclusion, HCSC represents a paradigm shift in bridge construction. With its unrivaled performance, rapid installation, and compatibility with existing practices, it’s poised to revolutionize the industry. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, Kwik Bond Polymers remains committed to driving innovation and delivering solutions that redefine excellence in construction. Learn more about HCSC today!


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