New Jersey Route 46 Over Saddle River

Project Details

The Route 46 Westbound bridge over the Saddle River was part of a construction project to reconstruct a segment of roadway in Lodi, NJ. During the deck placement, the beams exhibited more camber reduction than anticipated, resulting in a deviation from proposed grade at the bridge’s center. To rectify this, a variable thickness overlay was deemed necessary. Kwik Bond Polymers’ PPC 1121 Polyester Polymer Concrete was chosen to perform this grade correction while safeguarding the substrate deck from moisture and chloride ingress.

Project Background

As an integral component of a larger construction project, the job involved the placement of a new bridge deck. Grade issues surfaced after casting the deck, necessitating a variable thickness overlay to establish the riding surface at the proposed grade. This involved milling out the deck’s boundaries to facilitate a minimum 1-inch placement, leaving the majority of the deck intact.


The Solution

Given the DOT’s preference for a low-maintenance and long-lasting overlay, Kwik Bond PPC emerged as the optimal solution. The integrated strengthening of the substrate through the High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) primer component ensured a permanent bond, surpassing mere longevity. Furthermore, PPC effectively sealed the new deck against future moisture and chloride intrusion, maintaining the structure in a condition not initially planned during the design phase. The overlay, placed by a contractor unfamiliar with the material, showcased the versatility of Kwik Bond PPC, with the entire process executed over a single weekend in near-freezing temperatures.

Major advantages to PPC 1121 and not offered by any other systems:

  1. A proven performance history
  2. Extremely low permeability for the marine environment
  3. Abrasive resistance in this high traffic area
  4. Ability to bond to steel

As the bridge was not yet opened to traffic, and the 2 hour traffic return offered by the product was not necessary, the construction of the overlay was even more simple than usual.

After twelve years in service, the PPC 1121 overlay remains in near-new condition, exhibiting no signs of distress. Kwik Bond Polymers’ PPC 1121 has proven to be a pioneering solution, safeguarding structures of the future by delivering unprecedented protection and durability. This successful project exemplifies Kwik Bond Polymers’ commitment to innovative, long-lasting infrastructure solutions.


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